What should be your priority: Marketing or Sales?

Marketing and Sales are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. Quite often they are used as synonyms.

Marketing proceeds sales. It is intended to lessen the impact of your selling process.  It identifies and finds your potential customers and persuades them to purchase by highlighting the salient features of your product.

The sales pipeline comprises five stages which includes brand awareness, interest, consideration, conversion, and purchase.

People’s engagement is the primary factor in marketing’s ability to increase sales. It caters to every phase of the customer journey process. Without it your customers wouldn’t have enough drive for purchase.

There isn’t much a salesperson can do to influence the buyer’s perception of your brand. It is their word against theirs which lacks convincing power. Explains why a sales person would have trouble pulling in a new customer.

Therefore ramping up your marketing activities especially in the digital space would expand your reach and funnel down more prospects.

According to Kenyan audience data, a radio or television campaign could not be successful. As few people read the newspaper or listen to the radio frequently, your brand message wouldn’t get to its target market. While for most people, using the internet every day is a ritual. No matter what, they maintain communication or engage in online surfing.

Content is the main currency in the digital world which not only appeals to potential new clients but also keeps current ones coming back.  As a result your brand’s consideration rises by 16%, and brand awareness is estimated to improve by 17%.

Your sales strategies might benefit from a variety of digital marketing techniques. SEO is a prime example. Here are some statistics assembled from various data research companies.

SEO can generate more ROI than any other marketing strategy. This is because Google dominates the global search business with an 85% market share. Google has a 98.33% market share in Kenya as of 2023, followed by Bing with a 1.39% market share and Yahoo with a 0.12% market share.

The major source of website traffic is through organic search which increases it by 53.3%. It generates twice as much revenues for B2B companies.

This is due to the significant impact search engines have on how prospects discover, evaluate, and compare needs-based solutions. Because of this, Google has made significant investments in improving its user experience by ensuring that they consistently deliver accurate and relevant search results. Thus people trust it and heavily rely on it.

According to Tarakeet, SEO reduces the cost of customer acquisition by 87% and increases your business value by 429%.

Despite the seismic shifts of consumer behavior, marketing helps you understand the market flow, new opportunities in the market, and adjust your business to cater for these needs.

This leads to an improvement of buyer’s perception of your brand leading to higher sales. Sticking to what you know or have always done, will leave your brand fizzled out and submerged by the new market and trends.

A well-developed marketing strategy addresses your customer’s pain points and smoothly guides them through the funnel and convinces them to buy.

Did you know? 47% of buyers engage with at least 4-5 content pieces before engaging a sales representative.

In conclusion, marketing paves the way for your sales representative to provide the ideal value proposition and close a sale.

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