How will generative AI disrupt our current SEO?

SEO is never ending, there are constant algorithm changes, core updates and daily variations in daily organic traffic. The influence of Chat GPT, Google Bard and Bind Chat SEO is slowly being felt as AI significantly affects how search engines perceive and rank websites.

Chat GPT can create articles, summarize them and construct a better and more engaging meta description.  It can also automate repetitive tasks like keyword classification, content strategy development, and outreach campaign template building. With such an ability provided at a low cost to the market, there is a great chance of having mass-produced ai generated content being churned out on the internet. AI can produce better content than an entry-level writer, meaning there is a fair chance of having its content rank better on search engines.

However, there will be a distinction between machine-written and human-written content. Packed with factual data and customer intent, truly well-written content beats out the odds. It is still important for businesses to create their own content that is unique and informative. This will help businesses to stand out from the competition and rank well for search queries.

What are some of the aspects that will be impacted?

Personalized search history; AI algorithms that can keep track of a user’s search history, browsing habits, and location enabling their ability to provide customized results. Additionally, they are able to deliver results in a conversational manner. Businesses may find it more challenging to rank well in search results as a result of the necessity to produce content that is relevant to a wider audience.

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Increase in conversational search queries; AI provides answers in a conversational manner making it easier for users to understand. As voice assistants and generative ai become more popular, it is more crucial than ever to optimize for speech searches. This will increase the number of long tail searches, which are more difficult to rank for, including conversational keywords and phrases that match people’s speech.

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There will be a lot of traffic lost for informational customer intent. The Chatbots will provide answers and credit the website but it is possible the searcher will not have the intention of clicking and arriving at the website to browse for more. Reducing the chances companies would have to engage the customer further and convert them.


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