Google Analytics Metrics Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

Google Analytics is a very popular analytics program that is used by marketers to measure performance. Some of the performance areas looked at are:

  • Marketing,
  • Content,
  • Products,

What Are Google Analytics Metrics?

Most of you have been in business for a while, during this time you must have come across the term metrics. For those hearing of it for the first time, metrics are quantitative measurements of data. 

It’s important to note that, In Google Analytics, metrics are displayed as either a sum or a ratio.

Google Analytics is the math class of digital marketing.

So, we’re going to explain the best metrics that you can use to leverage your data, but first, let’s go over the Google Analytics (GA) dashboard.

Google Analytics Dashboard

First, it’s important to note that The Google Analytics dashboard is separated into four main reports:


This section gives data about your customers.

The information captured in this section include; demographics, interests, devices, and behaviours.

As a marketer, you can use this information to see how well your marketing efforts are working for different user segments.


Where are they coming from?

This section holds the answers to that question. Having a business is one part of the equation. Getting traction is the other part.

Some of the sources include;

  • Social networks,
  • Search engines, or
  • Website referrals

The good thing about this section is that it feeds you with information on what marketing tactic is bearing fruits.


Ok, so they came. Well done.

Perhaps, understanding what they are doing could make life better for you, the business owner?

That’s what the behaviour section is built for.

At a glance, you are able to see which pages they visited, how long they were there for, and a lot of other important data.

Marketers use this data to look into the user experience (UX) and see what needs to be done to improve it for their customers. 


Did they respond?

In marketing we have Call to Actions (CTAs) that we position strategically to nudge our target customers to take a favourable action.

This last section is essential in evaluating if we got the desired outcome insofar as the CTA is concerned.

The conversion section is used to track the number of customers that take the specific actions you want them to take.

Marketers use this section to set goals, or creating a marketing funnel that represents a specific flow of actions that a customer must take.

Google analytics remains a key marketing tool that every business owner should familiarize themselves with. Not only will you be able to make data backed decisions, but also get an overall feel of where your marketing is going.

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