Breaking down the media consumption habits of our Kenyan Millennials and Gen Zers

Every brand that operates in the digital world understands the importance of content, but as demographics and culture vary from one customer to the next, businesses are encouraged to customize their content for each audience. When you understand their consumption habits, motivations and preferred channels then you’ve won their attention and engagement.

Customers want businesses to anticipate their requirements and deliver only the products they want. 95% of customers say they are more devoted to a brand when they trust it. As a result, your company’s success is directly impacted by customer experience quality. You are competing with every brand experience a customer has, they have all the power.

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So, what is unique about our Kenyan millennials and Gen Z in accordance with a survey done by Aga khan university?

  1. They are highly educated. More than 50% have a college and university education. 66% are employed and 34% are self-employed. 52% earn between Ksh 10,001 and Ksh 40,000. Only 5% earn above Ksh 70,000. None indicated they earned Ksh.150,000 and above.
  2. They consume news to gain awareness of current affairs, to be knowledgeable, and attain their personal goals. However, they prefer every content, even news, to be entertaining.
  3. They are concerned about their way of dressing, communication, and family, their work, weight, and tribes are the least of their concerns.
  4. They are ambitious and serious about wealth creation. Unfortunately, they fear the media doesn’t address topics on financial independence and making money exhaustively.
  5. In terms of content, they are keen on attractiveness, reliability, relevance, affordability, and how interesting it is.
  6. They tend to prefer content that includes them in the co-creation process and content that is applied in the context of progress and participation.
  7. Content that is affordable, interstate and relevant encourages you to subscribe or pay.
  8. They judge content based on credibility and professionalism. This calls for positive and strong brand building, brand perception, and brand positioning.
  9. They prefer content that is empowering, and entertaining and addresses a broader context of issues related to them like business-related topics.
  10. 73% of them say they log into their social media accounts to follow alerts and news-related stories.
  11. They mostly consume news and media-related content from their phones. Therefore tweak your content for mobile phone consumption.
  12. They favor fun and interactive content that is presented in visual, video, and pictorial formats.

In conclusion, our Millennials and Gen Z  generation have a soft spot for social media over other media channels. This necessitates content restructuring that meets their standards and attracts their eyeballs.

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